Capture The Flag At UCF

New to workshops? Catch up by following these instructions!

  1. Download and install VirtualBox from
  2. Download the 64-bit .iso file for Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop from
  3. Create a new VM in VirtualBox, then attach the ISO file for Ubuntu as a virtual DVD and boot it.
  4. Complete the installation process for Ubuntu.
  5. Once Ubuntu is installed and has rebooted, open a Terminal.
  6. Run this command: wget && bash
  7. When this script finishes, it'll give you instructions on how to install VirtualBox Guest additions. Follow those instructions.
And that's basically all you need to get your CTF environment up and running!

How to run Pwn challenges

All of our challenges in the Pwn category use the PwnableHarness framework. In the challenge descriptions, there will be links to each of the files involved in the challenge. This will always include the binary itself and the version of libpwnableharness it requires (32-bit or 64-bit). To run a challenge binary, first download both it and the provided libpwnableharness to a Linux environment such as an Ubuntu VM. Then, make them both executable with the commands chmod +x binary_name_here and chmod +x libpwnableharness(32 or 64).so. Finally, you can run the challenge binary normally like ./binary_name_here.